1. (loan) 
We paid off the mortgage last month.Terminamos de pagar la hipoteca el mes pasado.
2. (lien) 
The mortgage reverts to the bank if we don't pay on time.La hipoteca revierte al banco si no pagamos a tiempo.
transitive verb
3. (to place under a mortgage) 
a. hipotecar 
My parents mortgaged their home to open a restaurant.Mis padres hipotecaron su casa para abrir un restaurante.
4. (figurative) (to pledge) 
a. hipotecar 
I can't believe you would mortgage your children's future like that.No puedo creer que hipotecarías así el futuro tus hijos.
1. (general) 
a. la hipoteca (F) 
mortgage (re)paymentsplazos de la hipoteca
mortgage brokeragente hipotecario(a)
mortgage lenderentidad de préstamo hipotecario
mortgage ratetipo (de interés) hipotecario tasa f de interés hipotecaria
transitive verb
2. (property, one's future) 
a. hipotecar 
mortgage [ˈmɔːɡɪdʒ]
hipoteca (f)
to pay off a mortgage amortizar or liquidar or redimir una hipoteca
to raise a mortgage take out a mortgage obtener una hipoteca;on sobre
transitive verb
mortgage bank (n) banco (m) hipotecario; sociedad (f) de crédito hipotecario
mortgage broker (n) especialista (m) en hipotecas
mortgage company (n) (US)
mortgage bank See culture box in entry mortgage.
mortgage lender (n) sociedad (f) hipotecaria
Britain's biggest mortgage lender, the Halifax building society, agrees with this analysis
mortgage loan (n) préstamo (m) hipotecario
mortgage payment (n) pago (m) de la hipoteca; plazo (m) de la hipoteca
...those who have been induced by the Conservatives to buy their council houses and who are faced with rocketing mortgage payments
mortgage rate (n) tipo (m) de interés hipotecario
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