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1. mortal (sustantivo masculino)
  • he doesn't speak to mere mortals like us! (Ironic) ¡no habla con los simples mortales como nosotros!
2. mortal
  • mortal enemy enemigo (m) mortal
  • mortal remains restos mpl mortales
  • mortal sin pecado (m) mortal
  • mortal wound herida (f) mortal
mortal [ˈmɔːtl]
1 (destined to die) mortal
2 (fatal) [+wound, blow] mortal
the betrayal was a mortal [blow] to [deal] [deliver] [strike] a mortal blow to sb/sth
3 (deadly) [+enemy] mortal
4 (extreme) [+terror] espantoso
he was gripped by mortal terror
she screamed in mortal terror gritó aterrorizada; to be in mortal danger estar en peligro de muerte; to live in mortal fear that ... vivir aterrorizado de que ...
mortal (m)
they are now reduced to the status of ordinary mortals quedan ahora reducidos al estatus de simples mortales
mortal combat (n) combate (m) a muerte
to be [locked] in mortal combat
mortal remains (n) restos (m) mortales
mortal sin (n) pecado (m) mortal
1. mortal (no inmortal); fatal (caída, enfermedad); deadly (aburrimiento, odio, enemigo)
masculine or feminine noun
2. mortal
1 [+ser] mortal
2 [+herida, golpe] fatal; deadly; [+disparo, accidente] fatal; [+veneno, virus, sustancia, dosis] deadly; lethal; [+peligro] mortal
la película es un aburrimiento mortal the film is a real bore; salto mortal somersault
other collocates: accidente/arma/atentado/carga
3 [+pecado] mortal; [+odio] deadly
quedarse mortal to be thunderstruck
las señas son mortales there's no escaping the evidence
(ser) mortal
como cualquier mortal just like anybody else
(salto) somersault
doble mortal double somersault
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