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moro, -a
1. Moorish (history)
2. sexist (muy informal) (machista) (peninsular Spanish)
masculine or feminine noun
3. Moor (history)
  • moros y cristianos= traditional Spanish festival involving mock battle between Moors and Christians
  • no hay moros en la costa(figurative) the coast is clear
4. Arab (informal Pey) (árabe) (peninsular Spanish), = pejorative term referring to a North African or Arab person
masculine noun
5. sexist man (informal) (machista) (peninsular Spanish)
moroa mora
1 (Hist) Moorish
2 (España) (del norte de África) North African
3 (España) (machista) macho (familiar)
4 [+caballo] dappled; piebald
1 (Hist) Moor
¡hay moros en la costa! watch out!
no hay moros en la costa the coast is clear
dar a moro muerto gran lanzada to kick a man when he's down
2 (España) (del norte de África) North African
3 (Latinoamérica) (caballo) piebald (horse)
1 (marido) domineering husband
moros y cristianos (Caribe) (Culin) rice with black beans
3 (España) (Marruecos) Morocco
bajar al moro to go to Morocco
4 (Música) wrong note
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