Morado in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
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morado, -a
1. purple (color)
  • pasarlas moradas (informal figurative) to have a bad time of it (peninsular Spanish)
  • las pasamos moradas para encontrar alojamiento (informal figurative) it was a nightmare finding somewhere to stay (peninsular Spanish)
  • ponerse morado, -a (informal figurative) to stuff oneself (de comida) (peninsular Spanish)
  • nos pusimos morados de cerveza we drank gallons of beer
  • me puse morado, -a a bailar I did nothing but dance
masculine noun
2. purple (color)
3. bruise (moratón)
terciopelo morado purple velvet; ojo morado black eye
pasarlas moradas to have a tough time of it
ponerse morado (de algo) to stuff one's face (with sth) (familiar)
1 (color) purple
2 (cardenal) bruise
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