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1. revista (f) mensual (magazine)
2. mensual
  • monthly installment plazo (m) mensual
  • monthly payment mensualidad (f)
3. mensualmente
monthly [ˈmʌnθlɪ]
[+publication, salary, rainfall] mensual
the president will attend our monthly meeting next week we have monthly meetings
on a monthly basis mensualmente; todos los meses; monthly instalment or payment mensualidad (f); cuota (f) mensual
our monthly payments are relatively small
[+publish] mensualmente; todos los meses; [+pay] mensualmente; por meses
I get paid monthly
they meet monthly se reúnen todos los meses or cada mes; twice monthly dos veces al mes
1 (journal) publicación (f) mensual
2 monthlies (menstruation) regla (f); periodo (m)
monthly cycle (n) (menstrual) ciclo (m) menstrual
monthly period (n) (menstrual) periodo (m) (menstrual)
she missed her monthly period how many monthly periods have you had since the birth of your last child? monthly periods usually begin around the age of 12/13
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