masculine noun
1. mountain (elevación)
  • monte Sinaí -> Mount Sinai
  • monte de Venus -> mons veneris
2. scrubland (terreno) (con arbustos) ; woodland (bosque)
  • echarse o tirarse al monte -> to take to the hills; to go to extremes (figurative)
  • no todo el monte es orégano (Prov) -> life's not a bowl of cherries
  • monte bajo -> scrub
3. pasture (pasto) (Mexican Spanish)
  • monte de piedad -> state pawnsbroker's (peninsular Spanish)

monte [mon'-tay]
1. Mountain (montaña), mount, a large hill, a vast protuberance of the earth. (m)
2. Wood (bosque), forest, a woody place. (m)
3. Difficulty, obstruction, obstacle (obstáculo). (m)
4. A bushy head of hair much entangled. (m)
5. Stock of cards which remain after each player has received his share. (m)
6. A game at cards. (America) (m)
7. Outskirts (alrededores). (Ante Meridian & Central America & Caribbean) (m)
8. Grass (pasto). (Mexico) (m)
9. Hash (droga). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
  • Monte alt -> or de árboles, a lofty grove or wood
  • Creer que todo el monte es orégano -> to think everything in the garden is lovely

1 (montaña) mountain; (cerro) hill
el monte de los Olivos the Mount of Olives; el monte Sinaí Mount Sinai; los montes Pirineos the Pyrenees; los montes Urales the Urals; los montes Apalaches the Appalachian Mountains; los montes Cárpatos the Carpathian Mountains
echarse al monte to take to the hills
2 (campo) countryside; country; (bosque) woodland
los domingos salimos al monte a pasear on Sundays we go walking in the countryside; un conejo de monte a wild rabbit; batir el monte to beat for game; go hunting
hacérsele un monte a algn
todo se le hace un monte he makes mountains out of molehills
no todo el monte es orégano it's not all plain sailing
monte alto forest
monte bajo scrub
monte de piedad pawnshop
4 (Naipes) (baraja) pile; (banca) bank
monte de Venus mons veneris
6 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (alrededores) outskirts
; (p)
surrounding country;
(México) (hierba) grass; pasture
7 (Latinoamérica) (hachís) hash (familiar); pot (familiar)

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