masculine noun
1. mold (objeto hueco); baking tin (de hornear)

molde [mol’-day]
1. Mould, the matrix in which anything is cast or receives its form: pattern (patrón), mould, block. (m)
2. A form ready for printing. (m)
3. A person who has reached the highest grade in anything; example, model. (m)
  • De molde -> in print, printed or published; fitting, to the purpose

1 (Culin) (Técnica) mould; mold; (EEUU) (vaciado) cast; (Tipografía) form
romper moldes to break the mould
molde de corona ring mould o mold; (EEUU)
2 (Cos) (patrón) pattern; (aguja) knitting needle
3 (modelo) model
de molde (perfecto) perfect; just right
el vestido le está de molde the dress is just right for her
venir de molde
esto me viene de molde this is just what I want o need; this is just the job (familiar)

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