1. (wet) 
a. húmedo 
Can you pass me a new towel? This one is moist.¿Me pasas una toalla nueva? Esta está húmeda.
2. (not dry) 
a. esponjoso 
He makes the best chocolate cake. It's so moist and delicious.Él hace el mejor pastel de chocolate; es muy esponjoso y delicioso.
1. (general) 
a. húmedo(a) 
moist [mɔɪst]
moister (comparative)moistest (superlative) [+atmosphere, soil, cloth] húmedo; [+cake] esponjoso
to clean, wipe the surface with a moist cloth
moist with sth húmedo de algo
his shirt was moist with blood
his hands were moist with perspiration tenía las manos húmedas del sudor
a cloth moist with window cleaner
her eyes were moist with tears tenía los ojos llorosos
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