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mocho, -a
1. blunt (extremo, punta); lopped (árbol)
masculine noun
2. mop (fregona)
mochoa mocha
1 (desafilado) blunt; short
2 [+árbol] lopped; pollarded; [+vaca] hornless; polled; [+torre] flat-topped; [+muñón] stubby
3 (mutilado) mutilated; (Caribe) (manco) one-armed
4 (And) (grande) big; huge
5 (México) (reaccionario) reactionary; (beato) sanctimonious
1 (Centroamérica) (huérfano) orphan
2 (México) (reaccionario) reactionary; (beato) sanctimonious person
1 [de utensilio] blunt end; thick end; [de cigarrillo] butt
2 (carga)
3 (And) (Caribe) (caballo) nag
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