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1. mezcla (f) (gen) & (Mus)
transitive verb
2. mezclar ; preparar (drink)
  • to mix business with pleasuremezclar el placer con los negocios
intransitive verb
3. mezclarse (blend); compaginar bien (combine well)
4. relacionarse (socially)(with con)
mix [mɪks]
transitive verb
1 [+ingredients, colours, liquids] mezclar; [+concrete, plaster, cocktail] preparar; [+salad] remover
mix all the ingredients together mezcle todos los ingredientes; never mix your drinks! ¡no mezcle nunca bebidas!
add the flour and mix well he had spent several hours mixing cement are you sure I can't mix you a drink? pour on the dressing and mix the salad well
mix the eggs into the sugar añada los huevos al azúcar y mézclelos; to mix and match sth combinar algo
they enjoy owning a lot of separates and will mix and match them as much as possible is it preferable to stick to one skin care program or can you mix and match them? their students can still mix and match courses in a way that traditional universities cannot To mix yet more metaphors, you were trying to run before you could walk, and I've clipped your wings
mix to a smooth paste mezcle hasta que se forme una pasta sin grumos; to mix sth with or and sth mezclar algo con algo; mix the cinnamon with the sugar mezcle la canela con el azúcar; to mix business and or with pleasure mezclar los negocios con el placer
the military has accused the clergy of mixing religion and politics
to mix it (with sb) (Britain) buscar camorra (con algn) (informal)
Stewart has developed a tendency to mix it verbally with the opposition he can't afford to mix it any more with a six-month suspended ban hanging over him Millwall came out to mix it, and so did we. It was a typical derby. There were a few tackles going about
2 [+recording, sound] mezclar
they've been mixing tracks for a new album due out later this year
intransitive verb
1 [+things] (combine) mezclarse
oil and water don't mix el aceite y el agua no se mezclan; politics and sport don't mix la política y el deporte no hacen buena combinación
politics and sport don't mix it mixes easily with cold or hot water to make a tasty, filling drink some of these pills don't mix with drink
(go together well) [+colours] combinar (bien); pegar
these colours just don't mix
2 [+people] (socialize) alternar
get on well my two brothers don't mix mis dos hermanos no se llevan bien no congenian
to mix in high society alternar con la alta sociedad
he's not keen to mix she doesn't tend to mix much when you came away you made a definite effort to mix to mix [with] sb
she mixes with all kinds of people se mezcla con toda clase de gente
she mixes a lot with older people you should mix more with people the General wasn't one to mix with the hired help, you know
1 (combination) mezcla (f)
there was a good mix of people at the party había una mezcla variada or una buena variedad de gente en la fiesta
the story is a mix of fantasy and reality the broad ethnic mix of her students we get a very representative mix of people the city's racial mix continues to change the volatile ethnic mix of Los Angeles he experimented with many tobaccos before getting the right mix Sopwith, Hawker and Sigrist were the right mix for success the heady mix of alcohol and old-fashioned lust the mix of plants in any given ecosystem
2 (ingredients) mezcla (f); (commercially prepared) preparado (m)
pour the mix into the prepared pan for speed we use packets of pizza dough mix
a cake mix un preparado para pasteles
a friend made a sponge cake with a microwave cake mix it is used in packet cake mixes to improve the appearance
3 [of recording, sound] mezcla (f)
Kurt Munkacsi, who designed and built the sound equipment and handled the live sound mix at concerts this was no gimmick but a truly different mix made with headphones plugged directly into the mixing board
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