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1. señora (f) ama (f) (of servant, house)
2. señorita (f) maestra (f) (woman teacher) (in primary school); profesora (f) (in secondary school)
3. querida (f) amante (f) (lover)
mistress [ˈmɪstrɪs]
1 [of household, servant] señora (f); ama (f)
to be one's own mistress ser independiente; to be mistress of the situation ser dueña de la situación
2 (lover) amante (f); querida (f); amasia (f); (Méx)
3 (Britain) (teacher) (in primary school) maestra (f); (in secondary school) profesora (f)
our English mistress nuestra profesora de inglés
4 (Mrs) señora (f) de ...
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