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1. error (m) equivocación (f)
  • to make a mistake cometer un error
  • make no mistake puedes estar seguro(a)
  • by mistake por error or equivocación
  • this is hard work and no mistake! (familiar) no cabe duda de que es un trabajo duro
verbo transitivo (pt mistook [mɪsˈtʊk], pp mistaken [mɪsˈteɪkən])
2. interpretar mal (misunderstand)
  • I mistook her intentions interpreté mal sus intenciones
3. confundir (confuse)(for con)
  • I mistook him for someone else lo confundí con otra persona
  • there's no mistaking a voice like that! ¡esa voz es inconfundible!
mistake [mɪsˈteɪk] mistook (past)mistaken (participle:past)
1 error (m)
there must be some mistake debe de haber algún error
there must be no mistake about it to acknowledge admit one's mistake he soon [realized] his mistake I think there's been a mistake - I said 8 o'clock my mistake was that I trusted him I'm sure it was just a simple mistake, sir it's a mistake [to] assume that she'll agree I think it's a serious mistake to confuse books with life
by mistake
he has been arrested by mistake lo detuvieron por error or equivocación; he fired the gun by mistake disparó la pistola sin querer
he took my hat in mistake for his confundió mi sombrero con el suyo
to make a mistake (gen) cometer un error; (be mistaken) equivocarse
they made the mistake of asking too much cometieron el error de pedir demasiado; the doctor must have made a mistake el médico debe de haberse equivocado
I made a mistake in letting her go you're making a big mistake don't make the mistake of underestimating him it's an easy mistake to make
make no mistake about it let there be no mistake about it y que no quepa la menor duda
my mistake! ¡la culpa es mía!; es culpa mía
she's pretty and no mistake (informal) es guapa de verdad or con ganas (informal)
2 (in piece of work) error (m); fallo (m)
his essay was full of mistakes su trabajo estaba lleno de errores or fallos
there was never a single mistake in her typing her mother sighed and rubbed out another mistake in the crossword puzzle
if you make a mistake, start again si te equivocas, vuelve a empezar
if you make a mistake you can always rub it out
spelling mistake falta (f) de ortografía
spelling mistakes are often just the result of haste
transitive verb
1 (misunderstand) [+meaning, remark] malinterpretar
I'm sorry, I mistook your meaning perdón, te malinterpreté or no te entendí bien; there was no mistaking his intention su intención estaba clarísima
no one should mistake how serious the issue is the government completely mistook the feeling of the country
2 (mix up, confuse) [+time, road] equivocarse de
I mistook the turning to your house me equivoqué al torcer para ir a tu casa
to mistake sth/sb for sth/sb confundir algo/a algn con algo/algn
he is often mistaken for Peter se le confunde muchas veces con Peter; she mistook his attention for interest erróneamente, interpretó su atención como interés; she could easily be mistaken for a boy se la podría confundir fácilmente con un chico
I mistook you for Carlos when hayfever first occurs it is often mistaken for a summer cold maybe the office cleaner mistook the papers for scrap
there's no mistaking her voice su voz es inconfundible
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