1. (religious) 
Saints are believed to perform miracles.Se cree que los santos obran milagros.
2. (extraordinary event) 
It's a miracle that she is cured now.Es un milagro que se haya curado.
1. (general) 
a. el milagro (M) 
to perform or work miracleshacer milagros
by a or some miraclede milagro, milagrosamente
it's a miracle that…es un milagro que…
miracle curecura milagrosa
miracle workerpersona que hace milagros
miracle [ˈmɪrəkl]
(Rel) also milagro (m)
it's a miracle that you weren't hurt! ¡fue un milagro que salieras ileso!; by some miracle he passed his exam milagrosamente aprobó el examen
miracle cure (n) remedio (m) milagroso
miracle drug (n) medicamento (m) milagro
miracle play (n) auto (m) sacramental
miracle worker (n)
I'm not a miracle worker, you know yo no puedo hacer milagros
The manager says he's not a miracle worker, but he does plan to buy a few new players and hopes results will improve
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