plural noun
1. (official record) 
a. la acta (F) 
Felipe took the minutes at last month's meeting. Felipe levantó el acta de la junta anterior.
b. la minuta (F) 
Ricardo will take the minutes at tonight's meeting. Ricardo tomará la minuta en la junta de esta noche.
c. la nota (F) 
Who is responsible for the minutes?¿Quién es responsable de la nota?
2. (period of time) 
a. el minuto (M) 
Let the egg sit in boiled water for 10 minutes. Deja reposar el huevo en agua hervida por 10 minutos.
3. (moment) 
Just give me a minute please, and I'll be with you. Permítame un momento por favor, y en seguida le atenderé.
4. (very small) 
a. diminuto 
The Brazilian gold frog is a minute creature measuring only 9.8 millimeters in length. La rana dorada brasileña es un criatura diminuta que mide tan solo 9.8 milímetros de largo.
b. mínimo 
We only saw a minute difference between the drug and the placebo.Observamos solamente una diferencia mínima entre la droga y el placebo.
5. (detailed) 
a. minucioso 
They conducted a minute analysis of the survey results. Hicieron un análisis minucioso de los resultados de la encuesta.
transitive verb
6. (to take the minutes of) 
Please make sure to carefully minute each decision taken.Favor de levantar acta de cada decisión que se toma.
1. (small) 
a. diminuto(a), minúsculo(a) 
2. (increase, improvement) 
a. mínimo(a) 
3. (detailed; examination) 
a. minucioso(a) 
minute [ˈmɪnɪt]
1 (60 secs) minuto (m)
it is twenty minutes past two son las dos y veinte (minutos); a 10-minute break un descanso de 10 minutos; every minute counts no hay tiempo que perder; it won't take five minutes es cosa de pocos minutos; it's a few minutes walk from the station está a unos minutos de la estación andando
fry the onions for 5 minutes there's less than a minute to go
they were getting closer by the minute se nos estaban acercando por minutos
[to] the minute
at six o'clock to the minute a las seis en punto
her schedule was planned to the minute su horario estaba planeado hasta el último minuto
they were on the scene within minutes llegaron al lugar de los hechos a los pocos minutos
there's one born every minute! ¡hay cada tonto por ahí suelto! (informal)
Audiotex will carry on marketing this scheme, secure in the knowledge that there's a sucker born every minute
2 (short time) momento (m)
I shan't be a minute (on going out) vuelvo enseguida; (when busy) termino enseguida
will you shut up for a minute! ¿te callas un momento?
have you got a minute? ¿tienes un momento?
I'll come in a minute ahora voy; vengo dentro de un momento
I'll do it in a minute
just a minute!wait a minute! ¡espera un momento!; ¡un momento!; ¡momentito!; (LAm)
just a minute! - I haven't finished with it yet! wait a minute while I park the car wait a minute, haven't we met before? hang on a minute - I won't be long
3 (instant) instante (m)
it was all over in a minute todo esto ocurrió en un instante; I haven't had a minute to myself all day no he tenido ni un instante or momento para mí en todo el día
we expect him (at) any minute le esperamos de un momento a otro
it looked as though it might rain at any minute he ought to be back any minute
any minute now he's going to fall off there se va caer en cualquier momento
at that minute the phone rang en ese momento sonó el teléfono
I bet you loved every minute of it! ¡seguro que te lo pasaste en grande!
at the last minute a última hora; en el último momento
to leave things until the last minute dejar las cosas hasta última hora or hasta el último momento
he'll probably wait until the last minute
one minute she was there, the next she was gone estaba allí, y al momento se había ido
we caught the train without a minute to spare cogimos el tren justo a tiempo
at that minute my father came in en ese momento entró mi padre
tell me the minute he arrives avísame en cuanto llegue
sit down this minute! ¡siéntate ya!
I've just this minute heard me acabo de enterar
not a minute [too] soon it's fallen on hard times, and some may say not a minute too soon spokesman Frank Dobson said the price cut was not a minute too soon
(at) this very minute ahora mismo
I am leaving right this very minute they're probably talking about us at this very minute
I don't believe him for a or one minute no le creo para nada or en absoluto
I don't believe for a minute she would do something like that
4 (official note) nota (f); minuta (f)
the department has circulated a minute about it to staff
5 minutes [of meeting] acta (f)
the minutes were approved and signed
to take the minutes (of a meeting) levantar (el) acta (de una reunión)
who will take the minutes?
transitive verb
[+meeting] levantar (el) acta de; [+remark, fact] registrar
I want that minuted quiero que eso conste en acta; you don't need to minute that no hace falta que registres or anotes eso
minute book (n) libro (m) de actas
fortunately the current minute book and other records were at the Secretary's home
minute hand (n) minutero (m)
the hour hand is pointing to the three and the minute hand is pointing to the 12
minute steak (n) biftec (m) pequeño (que se hace rápidamente)
it's a steak, sometimes called a minute steak, or even a rump steak, but it is definitely not a tournedos
minute [maɪˈnjuːt]
1 (very small) [+amount, change] mínimo; [+particles] diminuto
only a minute amount is needed even the movement of distant stars will produce minute changes in the gravitational field experienced on earth minute deviations from their expectations have powerful effects on customer satisfaction osteopaths are extremely skilled at detecting the minutest imbalances in spinal structure ions are minute particles that carry electro-magnetic energy stitched with minute hand stitches he always noticed the minutest details
2 (rigorous) [+examination, scrutiny] minucioso
despite minute examination of Doyle's skin at the point of impact, we were unable to locate any alien skin cells such as might have been left by a hand chop or punch teams of policemen began a minute examination of the road that runs alongside the Severn
in minute detail hasta el mínimo detalle
the party was planned in the minutest detail
The word minutes is the present subjunctive form of minutar in the second person singular. See the full minutar conjugation.
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