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The word "minority" may be used with a singular or plural form of the verb in English. For example: Only a small minority oppose/opposes the plan. Solo una pequeña minoría se opone al plan.
1. (of total number) 
a. la minoría (F) 
to be in a or the minorityser minoría
2. (finance) 
minority interestparticipación minoritaria
minority opinionopinión de la minoría
minority party/governmentpartido m/gobierno minoritario
3. (law) 
a. la minoría de edad (F) (age) 
minority [maɪˈnɒrɪtɪ]
1 (small number) minoría (f)
only a small minority of children contract the disease solo una pequeña minoría de niños contraen la enfermedad; to be in a or the minority ser minoría; estar en minoría
people who think that are in a minority artists are in a tiny minority in this country women who wear size 9 shoes are in a minority
you're in a minority of one, there! ¡te has quedado más solo que la una!
I'm afraid you're in a minority of one. nobody else wants to go skating
2 (community) minoría (f)
ethnic minority minoría (f) étnica
3 (Jur) (age) minoría (f) de edad
1 [+group, interest, view, government] minoritario
minority language lengua (f) minoritaria; minority rights (Pol) derechos (m) de las minorías
2 (Economics)
minority interest minority stake participación (f) minoritaria
minority shareholder accionista (m) minoritario; minority shareholding accionado (m) minoritario
3 (US) (Pol)
Minority Leader líder (m) de la oposición; House Minority Leader líder (m) de la oposición del Congreso; Senate Minority Leader líder (m) de la oposición del Senado
Singular or plural verb?
When minoría is the subject of a verb, the verb can be in the singular or the plural, depending on the context:
Put the verb in the singular if minority is seen as a unit rather than a collection of individuals:
A minority should always be respected, however small it may be Una minoría, aunque sea pequeña, debe ser respetada siempre
If la minoría is seen as a collection of individuals, particularly when it is followed by de + plural noun, the plural form of the verb is more common than the singular, though both are possible:
A minority of agitators want to introduce anarchy Una minoría de agitadores quieren or quiere traer la anarquía
The plural form must be used when la minoría or la minoría de + plural noun is followed by ser or estar + plural complement:
Only a minority of the demonstrators were students Solo una minoría de los manifestantes eran estudiantes
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