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masculine noun
1. ministry (politics) (institución) (British), department (United States); time as minister
  • durante el ministerio de Sánchez (periodo) while Sánchez was minister
  • ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ≅ Foreign Office (British), ≅ State Department (United States)
  • ministerio de Economía Ministry of Economic Affairs, ≅ Treasury (British), ≅ Treasury Department (United States)
  • ministerio del Interior Ministry of the Interior, ≅ Home Office (British), ≅ Department of the Interior (United States)
2. (law)
  • ministerio público, ministerio fiscal public prosecutor
3. ministry (religion)
1 (Política) ministry; department; especialmente (EEUU)
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores Foreign Office; State Department; (EEUU)
Ministerio de Comercio e Industria Department of Trade and Industry
Ministerio de (la) Gobernación o del Interior Home Office; Department of the Interior; (EEUU)
Ministerio de Hacienda Treasury; Treasury Department; (EEUU)
Ministerio Fiscal Attorney General's office
2 (Jur)
el ministerio público the Prosecution; the State Prosecutor; (EEUU)
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