1. (armed forces) 
He joined the military when he was 20 years old.Se incorporó al ejército a los 20 años.
The military were in power for more than a year.Los militares estuvieron en el poder durante más de un año.
2. (relative to armed forces) 
a. militar 
The military forces invaded the country.Las fuerzas militares invadieron el país.
1. (general) 
the militaryel ejército
2. (general) 
a. militar 
military academyacademia militar
military manmilitar m
military policepolicía militar
military serviceservicio militar
military [ˈmɪlɪtərɪ]
[+intervention, government, history, bearing] militar
the government has stepped up military action the US wants to keep some military presence two military personnel were injured
he retired with full military honours se retiró con todos los honores militares; to do sth with military precision hacer algo con una precisión militar
plural noun
the military los militares
military academy (n) academia (f) militar
military base (n) base (f) militar
[the] military-industrial complex
military police (n) policía (f) militar
military policeman (n) policía (m) militar
military service (n) servicio (m) militar
to do (one's) military service hacer or prestar el servicio militar; hacer la mili (informal)
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military leader
líder militar
military base
la base militar
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