Mild in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. apacible, afable (person, remark); suave (food); leve (punishment, illness, criticism); benigno(a), suave (climate); ligero(a) (displeasure, amusement)
2. cerveza (f) tostada (beer) (británico) (suave)
mild [maɪld]
milder (comparative)mildest (superlative)
1 (not severe) [+winter] moderado; poco frío; [+weather, climate, evening] templado
it's very mild for the time of year no hace mucho frío para esta época del año
2 (not strong) [+cheese, cigar, detergent, shampoo, sedative] suave; [+curry] suave; no muy picante; [+protest] moderado; [+criticism] suave; moderado
a mild cheese is best for this dish this cheese is too mild for my liking a mild chilli sauce
he issued a mild rebuke to his Republican opponents reprendió a sus oponentes republicanos con cierta suavidad
he objected strenuously even to this mild criticism mild cigarettes are less harmful to the health the patient was administered a mild sedative
3 (not serious) [+fever] ligero; [+infection] pequeño; [+symptoms] leve
he had a mild stroke last year tuvo un derrame cerebral de poca seriedad el año pasado; I had a mild case of food poisoning tuve una ligera intoxicación
4 (slight) [+pain] leve; ligero
they looked at the object with mild curiosity
they listened with mild interest escuchaban con cierto interés
she nodded in mild amusement
he turned to Mona with a look of mild confusion/surprise se volvió hacia Mona y la miró ligeramente confundido/sorprendido
5 (pleasant) [+person, voice] afable; dulce; [+words] dulce; [+disposition] tranquilo; apacible; [+manner] afable
a man of mild disposition
(Britain) (beer) cerveza suave y de color oscuro
mild steel (n) acero con bajo contenido carbónico
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