1. (number) 
a. thousand 
El precio del coche es treinta mil euros.The price of the car is thirty thousand euro.
2. (many) 
Te lo he dicho mil veces.I've told you a thousand times.
3. (number) 
Quinientos y quinientos hacen mil.Five hundred plus five hundred make one thousand.
¿Cuánto necesitas? - Envíame mil.How much do you need? - Send me a thousand.
c. thousand 
¿Cuántas personas hay? - Deben de ser más de mil.How many people are there? - They must be more than thousand.
4. (plural; many) 
a. thousands 
Miles de personas acudieron al acto.Thousands of people attended the event.
a o one thousand
tres mil coches three thousand cars; mil doscientos dólares one thousand two hundred dollars; mil veces a thousand times; thousands of times; miles y miles thousands and thousands
a las mil at some ungodly hour (familiar)
Phrases with "mil"
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dos mil once 
two thousand and eleven 
quince mil 
fifteen thousand 
dos mil 
two thousand 
mil novecientos 
one thousand and nine hundred 
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