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Looking for mi hijo? These two words are commonly merged together in Spanish speech.
masculine noun
1. (botany)
a. millet
Me dio unas recetas para preparar mijo estupendas.She gave me some great recipes to cook millet.
2. (contraction of "mi hijo") (Latin America)
a. dear (colloquial)
Mijo, ¿por qué no llamas a tu mamá?Dear, why don't you call your mother?
b. honey (colloquial)
Mija, no estés preocupada, todo se arreglará.Honey, don't worry, everything will work out.
masculine noun
1. millet
masculine or feminine noun
1. love (informal) (a un hijo) (AmBr), honey (United States); dear ; pal , mate (British), buddy (United States) (a un adulto)(entre iguales)
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