1. (location) 
a. el medio (M) 
The truck stopped in the middle of the street.El camión paró en el medio de la calle.
b. el centro (M) 
They are going to meet in the middle of the city.Se van a reunir en el centro de la ciudad.
c. la mitad (F) 
Madrid is located in the middle of Spain.Madrid se ubica en la mitad de España.
2. (time) 
a. la mitad (F) 
By the middle of the game, the stadium was already empty.Para la mitad del partido, el estadio ya estaba vacío.
3. (related to position) 
a. medio 
My family belongs to the middle class.Mi familia pertenece a la clase media.
1. (in general) 
a. el medio (M) 
in the middle of the roomen medio de la habitación
to be in the middle of doing somethingestar ocupado(a) haciendo algo
he was in the middle of an important conversationestaba en mitad de una importante conversación
in the middle of the montha mediados de mes
in the middle of the nighten plena noche, en mitad de la noche
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to split something down the middledividir algo por la mitad partir algo a la mitad
in the middle of nowhereen un lugar dejado de la mano de Dios
3. (waist) 
a. la cintura (F) 
4. (in the middle) 
a. del medio 
middle ageedad madura, madurez f
5. (history) 
a. no direct translation 
the Middle Agesla Edad Media
6. (politics) 
a. no direct translation 
Middle Americalos estadounidenses tradicionalistas y conservadores
7. (music) 
a. no direct translation 
middle Cdo central
the middle class(es)la clase media
8. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to steer a middle coursetomar la vía intermedia
in the middle distancea media distancia
9. (anatomy) 
a. no direct translation 
the middle earel oído medio
the Middle EastOriente Medio
Middle Easternde Oriente Medio
10. (politics) 
a. no direct translation 
Middle Englandla Inglaterra tradicionalista y conservadora
middle finger(dedo m) corazón or mayor m
11. (politics) 
a. no direct translation 
the middle groundel centro
middle managementmandos intermedios
middle namesegundo nombre m
12. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
“generosity” isn't exactly his middle name!no destaca precisamente por su generosidad
middle [ˈmɪdl]
1 [of object, area] centro (m); medio (m)
in the middle of the table/the room en medio or en el centro de la mesa/la habitación; he was in the middle of the road estaba en medio or en (la) mitad de la carretera; the potatoes were raw in the middle las patatas estaban crudas por el centro
there was a deep line in the middle of her forehead in the middle of the field [down] the middle
to cut sth down the middle cortar algo por el medio or por la mitad
we agreed to split the bill down the middle acordamos dividir la cuenta por la mitad; the party is split down the middle on this issue el partido está dividido en dos facciones con respecto a este tema
it [divides] down the middle
in the middle of nowhere quién sabe dónde; en el quinto pino (informal); (Esp)
he dumped me in the middle of nowhere, with no means of getting back they live in the middle of nowhere
right in the middlein the very middle (physically) en el mismo centro
our reporter is right in the middle of the action it's right in the middle of town
2 [of period]
in the middle of the night en mitad de la noche; in the middle of summer en pleno verano; in or about or towards the middle of May a mediados de mayo; in the middle of the morning a media mañana; the heat in the middle of the day was intense el calor del mediodía era intenso
in the middle of the century I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear a tapping on the window
he was in his middle thirties tenía unos treinta y cinco años; tenía treinta y tantos años
she knew he was in his middle fifties, although he looked much younger I went on competing till I was in my middle forties
3 [of activity]
to be in the middle of sth estar en mitad de algo; we were in the middle of dinner estábamos en mitad de la cena; I'm in the middle of a conversation estoy en mitad de una conversación; to be in the middle of doing sth: I'm in the middle of reading it lo estoy leyendo; I'm right in the middle of getting lunch justo ahora estoy preparando la comida
we're right in the middle of the negotiations
4 (waist) cintura (f)
she wore it round her middle lo llevaba alrededor de la cintura; he was in the water up to his middle el agua le llegaba por or a la cintura
he's put on a few extra pounds round his middle
1 (central)
the middle shelf of the oven la bandeja del medio del horno
the middle button of his jacket was missing
my middle daughter mi segunda hija; mi hija de en medio
in the middle [distance] he stared into the middle [distance] the church seemed to float before him in the middle distance a still life seen at a middle distance the intervals of space between foreground, middle distance and background
middle ground terreno (m) neutral
objects that inhabit the middle ground between art and craft they meet diplomatically in a cautious middle ground he was sometimes forced to seek a middle ground between his conflicting beliefs we've already talked about that - there's no middle ground
in the middle years of the nineteenth century a mediados del siglo diecinueve
women in their middle years mujeres de mediana edad
to steer or take a middle course tomar por la calle de en medio
Mr Gorbachev has again performed his conjuring trick, steering a middle course between Communism and democracy Mr Bush is trying to steer a middle course between risking next month's summit with Mr Gorbachev and sending a clear message to the Kremlin that bullying Lithuania will be punished He was less rigid and less discriminatory than many of his colleagues, and he generally deemed it safer to take a middle course through the waves of political faction
2 (average) mediano
a man of middle size un hombre de mediana estatura
middle age (n) madurez (f)
he's reached middle age people tend to put on weight in middle age the story of three people from childhood through youth, university, and middle age there can be a shift in attitudes as you adjust to middle age a corpulent man nearing middle age a feeling of panic at the onset of middle age
the Middle Ages (n) la Edad Media
you're still living in the Middle Ages in the early/late Middle Ages
Middle America (n) (Central America) Mesoamérica (f); Centroamérica (f); (US) (Geog) el centro de los Estados Unidos; (US) (middle class) la clase media norteamericana
it is found in Middle America, Mexico and Peru Warren, Michigan is a town typical of Middle America it's easy to imagine that everyone in Middle America has stepped rosy cheeked out of a Norman Rockwell illustration no one seeks out a Middle America town in order to dine in a trendy restaurant Bill Clinton intends to persuade middle America that Reagan was wrong
middle C (n) (Mús) do (m) en medio del piano; (en medio del piano)
give me a middle C
the middle class(es) (n) la clase media
the expansion of the middle class in the late 19th century
the middle classes la clase media
the president seems to have gained some support from the middle classes
the upper/lower middle class(es) la clase media alta/baja
most were members of the middle or upper middle class people sitting drinking and eating were lower middle class or upper working class
middle distance (n)
in the middle distance (gen) a una distancia intermedia; (Art) en segundo plano
he could see a figure in the middle-distance
middle ear (n) oído (m) medio
an infection of the middle ear it causes the infection to spread from the middle ear to the tissue lining of the brain
the Middle East (n) el Oriente Medio
the Middle East peace initiative
Middle English (n) la lengua inglesa de la edad media
he had read a good deal of CHaucer in the original Middle English
middle finger (n) dedo (m) corazón
his middle finger was missing she had two rings on her middle finger Middle High German the Middle High German epic "Nibelungenlied", written about 1200 by an unknown Austrian from the Danube region the Middle Kingdom all that extended South of the Yellow River and the Hua Mountain became the Middle Kingdom the line slashing the globe through the middle is China, the Middle Kingdom, the centre of the earth
middle management (n) mandos (m) medios
there are far fewer middle management positions to move into these days many of the problem areas for women managers are found at the middle management level everyone else was either junior or middle management
middle manager (n) mando (m) medio
we decided to form a task force of middle managers to increase their participation in the management of the company several middle managers were made redundant in a recent restructuring of the company
middle name (n) segundo nombre (m) de pila
"discretion" is my middle name soy la discreción en persona
my middle name is Albert
middle school (n) (Britain) colegio para niños de ocho o nueve a doce o trece años; (US) colegio para niños de doce a catorce años
by late middle school or early high school, there is a state of almost total antagonism between the teachers and the nonworking students the student has to get the appropriate diploma at the appropriate age » for junior high school or middle school,for high school, or for college I am the Welfare Officer at Featherstone First and Middle School,Southall
the Middle West (n) (US) la región central de los Estados Unidos
a system of cultivation that had first become popular in corn-raising country in the Middle West
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