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masculine noun
1. meter (unidad) (& literature)
  • metro cuadrado/cúbico square/cubic meter
  • metros por segundo meters per second
2. underground (transporte) (British) , subway (United States)
  • en metro on the o by underground (British), on the o by subway (United States)
3. tape measure (cinta métrica)
1 (medida) metre; meter; (EEUU)
metros por segundo metres per second; mide tres metros de largo it's three metres long; vender algo por metros to sell sth by the metre
metro cuadrado square metre
metro cúbico cubic metre
note See culture box in entry kilo.
2 (regla) rule; ruler; (cinta métrica) tape measure
3 (Literat) metre; meter; (EEUU)
underground; tube; subway; (EEUU)
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