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1. (disorder)
a. el desorden (M)
Mom would not tolerate this mess for one minute.Mamá no toleraría este desorden ni por un instante.
b. el desastre (M)
Go clean the mess in your room.Ve a limpiar el desastre de tu habitación.
c. el relajo  (M) (Central America)
He always leaves the kitchen a mess. Siempre deja un relajo en la cocina.
2. (problem)
a. el lío (M)
If you leave all your work to the end, you will end up with a mess. Si dejas todo tu trabajo al último momento, tendrás un lío.
3. (excrement)
a. la caca (F)
It is your responsibility to pick up your dog's mess.Es responsabilidad tuya recoger la caca de tu perro.
1. lío (m) desorden (m) (disorder)
  • the kitchen's a mess la cocina está toda revuelta
  • you look a mess! ¡estás hecho un desastre!
  • to be in a mess estar todo(a) revuelto(a); (room) estar en un lío or aprieto (sentido figurado) (person)
  • to make a mess of something (sentido figurado) hacer algo desastrosamente (bungle)
2. porquería (f) (dirt)
  • the dog's done a mess on the carpet el perro ha hecho caca en la alfombra
3. comedor (m) (militar)
  • mess tin plato (m) de campaña or del rancho (británico)
intransitive verb
4. hacer caca (familiar) (dog, cat)
mess [mes]
1 (untidy) desorden (m); (dirty) porquería (f); (shambles) desastre (m); desbarajuste (m); (predicament) lío (informal) (m); follón (informal) (m); (bad job) chapuza (informal) (f); desastre (m)
excuse the mess perdone el desorden
to be a mess
this place is a mess esta casa es un desastre; her hair is a mess tiene el pelo hecho un desastre
his clothes are a mess
this page is a mess, rewrite it esta página es una chapuza (informal) or un desastre, vuélvela a escribir; the economy is a mess la economía es un desastre; her life is a mess su vida es un desastre or un desbarajuste
you can clean that mess up ya puedes ir limpiando esta pena
to be in a mess
the house was in a mess la casa estaba hecha un desastre; the toys were in a mess había un desorden de juguetes; to leave things in a mess dejarlo todo desordenado or hecho un desastre; the economy is in a mess la economía es un desastre; her life is in a mess su vida es un desastre or un desbarajuste
her life is in a mess Linda can't stand mess
his face was in a bit of a mess (after fight, accident) tenía la cara que daba pena; we're in a mess estamos metidos en un lío or un follón (informal)
to get (o.s.) into a mess meterse en un lío or un follón (informal)
a fine or nice mess you got us into! ¡en menudo lío or follón nos has metido! (informal)
I'm in a right mess here - the car won't start if you'd done what I said you wouldn't be in this mess she'd got herself into a mess - of that he was certain don't get yourself into a mess and expect me to sort things out
you look (such) a mess vas hecho un desastre
look at the mess you've made of this room mira cómo has dejado esta habitación de desordenada
to make a mess
she made a mess of her new skirt your boots have [made] an awful mess on the carpet the kids make such a mess at mealtimes
look what a mess you've made! ¡mira cómo lo has puesto todo!; he made a mess of his audition la audición le fue fatal (informal)
I made a complete mess of icing the cake
I've made such a mess of my life he arruinado or echado a perder mi vida; you've made a real mess of things, haven't you? has liado bien las cosas ¿no crees? (informal)
when you see the mess the government have made of things
2 (excrement) caca (f)
dog mess caca (f) de perro; the cat's made a mess in the kitchen el gato ha hecho caca en la cocina
there's a whole mess of daffodils just growing wild down there it was already there, along with a mess of other old carvings
3 (Mil) comedor (m)
he hurried to the mess to find the control officer we repaired to the mess
officers' mess comedor (m) de oficiales
intransitive verb
1 (Mil) (eat) hacer rancho; comer (juntos)
we used to mess together when we were in the same regiment
no messing! ¡sin bromas!; ¡nada de tonterías!; no messing? ¿en serio?
3 (soil o.s.) hacerse caca encima (informal)
what a good thing it was Billy didn't wet and mess any more
transitive verb
to mess one's pants/trousers hacerse caca encima (informal)
he's messed his pants, miss!
mess deck (n) sollado (m)
the hatchway leading down to his mess deck who exactly was in the mess-deck when you were there?
mess hall (n) comedor (m)
between the kitchen and the mess hall is an open wash house the fence separates the living quarters from the mess hall and other facilities
a mess of pottage (n) (Bible) un plato de lentejas
we sign away our birthright for a mess of pottage she was not going to lower herself for the sake of a fifty-dollar mess of pottage you've deserted your president for a mess of pottage
mess tin (n) plato (m) de campaña
masculine noun
1. (part of the year)
a. month
Octubre es mi mes favorito porque los árboles cambian de color.October is my favorite month because the trees change color.
2. (month's pay)
a. monthly salary (income)
Recibo mi mes el 30 de cada mes. I get my monthly salary on the 30th of the month.
3. (menstruation)
a. period (colloquial)
No quiere ir a nadar porque está con el mes. She doesn't want to go swimming because she has her period.
masculine noun
1. month (del año)
  • al o por mes a month
  • viajo a Lima tres veces al o por mes I go to Lima three times a month
2. monthly salary (salario)
3. (informal) (menstruación)
  • está con el mes it's her time of the month
1 month
al mes llegó él he came a month later; 50 dólares al mes 50 dollars a month; el mes corriente this month
el mes que viene el mes próximo next month
dentro de un mes
mes lunar lunar month
2 (sueldo) month's pay; (renta) month's rent
pagué un mes por adelantado
(pago) monthly payment
facilidades de pago 36 meses 36 months credit available
el treceavo mes
3 (Med)
estar con o tener el mes to have one's period
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