ver merendar
feminine noun
1. tea ; picnic
  • fue una merienda de negros (as a light afternoon meal)(en el campo) -> it was total chaos; (caos) (peninsular Spanish) it was a massacre (masacre)

merienda [may-re-en’-dah]
1. Luncheon, collation between dinner and supper, afternoon snack. (f)
2. Principal meal eaten at noon. (Province; Provinicial) (f)
3. (coll.) Hump-back. (f)
  • Hacer merienda de negros -> free-for-all, bedlam
  • Ir de merienda -> to go for a picnic

tea; afternoon snack; [de viaje] packed meal; (en el campo) picnic; (And) supper
ir de merienda to go for a picnic
juntar meriendas to join forces; pool one's resources
merienda cena high tea; early evening meal
merienda de negros (confusión) bedlam; free-for-all; (chanchullo) crooked deal

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