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merecemos is the present form of merecer in the first person plural - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. to deserve, to be worthy of
  • la isla merece una visita the island is worth a visit
  • merece la pena detenernos un poco más en este punto it's worth spending a bit more time on this point
  • no merece la pena it's not worth it
  • no merece la pena que te enfades it's not worth getting angry about, there's no point in getting angry about it
intransitive verb
2. to be worthy
  • en edad de merecer of marriageable age
pronominal verb
1. to deserve
  • se merece ganar she deserves to win
  • se lo tiene bien merecido it serves him right
transitive verb
1 [+recompensa, castigo] to deserve
merecer hacer algo to deserve to do sth; merece (que se le dé) el premio he deserves (to receive) the prize; no merece sino elogios she deserves nothing but praise; el trato que él nos merece the treatment he deserves from us
te lo tienes merecido
merece la pena it's worth it; no merece la pena discutir it's not worth arguing
2 (And) (atrapar) to catch; (robar) to snatch; pinch (familiar); (encontrar) to find
intransitive verb
to be deserving; be worthy
merecer mucho to be very deserving
merecer bien de la patria
pronominal verb
merecerse algo to deserve sth; te mereces el premio you deserve the prize; tienes unos hijos que no te los mereces you don't deserve your children; te mereces eso y más you deserve that and more; se lo mereció he deserved it; he got what he deserved; se lo merece por tonto (it) serves him right for being so stupid
Verb Conjugations for merecer
Gerund: mereciendo
Participle: merecido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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