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intransitive verb
1. to lie
  • no me mientas don't lie to me
  • miente más que habla he's a born liar
  • esas estadísticas mienten, porque no tienen en cuenta… those statistics give a false picture o are misleading, because they don't take into account…
  • llovía, miento, granizaba cuando nos preparábamos para salir it was raining, I tell a lie, it was hailing as we were getting ready to leave
intransitive verb
to lie
nos mintió he lied to us; miente quien diga que hubo un acuerdo whoever says there was an agreement is lying; mentir no está bien it's wrong to tell lies; no he mentido en mi vida I've never told a lie in all my life; ¡miento! sorry!; I'm wrong!; my mistake!; ¡esta carta no me dejará mentir! this letter will bear me out o confirm what I say
Verb Conjugations for mentir
Gerund: mintiendo
Participle: mentido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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