"meneando" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to move (mover); to shake (cabeza); to wag (cola); to wiggle (caderas)
2. to get moving (activar)
pronomial verb
1. to move (about) (moverse); to shake (agitarse); to sway (oscilar)
2. to get a move on (darse prisa, espabilarse)
3. (informal)
  • un susto de no te menees -> a hell of a scare (peninsular Spanish)

menear [may-nay-ar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To move from place to place.
2. To manage, to direct.
3. To shake (cabeza); to wag (cola); to sway (caderas).
  • Sin menear el dedo -> without lifting a finger
4. To get on with (asunto).
verb reflexive
5. To be brisk and active, to stir about.
6. To wriggle, to waddle; to move from side to side; to shake (agitarse); to way (caderas).

1 [+cola] to wag; [+cabeza] to shake; [+líquido] to stir; [+pelo] to toss; [+caderas] to swing
sin menear un dedo without lifting a finger; peor es menearlo it's best not to stir things up
¡me la menean! I don't give a shit! (vulgar)
2 [+asunto] to get on with; get moving on; [+negocio] to handle; conduct
menear cálamo to wield a pen
1 (gen) to shake; [+cola] to wag; (contonearse) to swing; sway
yo de aquí no me meneo I'm staying right here; I'm staying put
de no te menees
un vapuleo de no te menees a good hiding; una multa de las que no te menees a hefty fine
menearse o meneársela to wank (vulgar)
2 (apresurarse) to get a move on
¡menearse! get going!; jump to it!

Verb Conjugations for "menear" (go to to wiggle, to wag, to shake)


yo meneo meneé meneaba menearía menearé
meneas meneaste meneabas menearías menearás
él/ella/Ud. menea meneó meneaba menearía meneará
nosotros meneamos meneamos meneábamos menearíamos menearemos
vosotros meneáis meneasteis meneabais menearíais menearéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. menean menearon meneaban menearían menearán
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