1. (of a group) 
He fell out with the other members of the band.Se peleó con los otros miembros de la banda.
b. el socio (M)la socia (F) (of a club or society) 
The members of the club elect the president by vote.Los socios del club eligen al presidente por votación.
c. el afiliado (M)la afiliada (F) (of a party or trade union) 
Members will be balloted on strike action.Los afiliados votarán si se va a la huelga.
2. (formal) (limb) 
A doctor may sometimes have to amputate a member to avoid infection.Un médico a veces se verá obligado a amputar un miembro para evitar la infección.
3. (formal) (penis) 
She told the baffled kid not to finger his member.Le dijo al desconcertado niño que no se toqueteara el miembro.
1. (of family, group) 
a. el miembro (M) 
2. (of club) 
a. el socio(a) (M)la socio(a) (F) 
3. (of union, party) 
a. el afiliado(a) m,f, militante (M)la afiliado(a) m,f, militante (F) 
4. (politics) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
Member of Parliamentdiputado(a) m,f
5. (limb, penis) 
a. el miembro (M) 
6. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
member country/statepaís m/estado miembro
member [ˈmembəʳ]
1 [of organization, committee] miembro (m); [of society, club] miembro (m); socioasocia (m) (f);a socia [of political party, trade union] miembro (m); afiliadoaafiliada (m) (f);a afiliada
of trade union
members only solo para socios; reservado para los socios
the member for Woodford el diputado por Woodford; if any member of the audience ... si cualquiera de los espectadores ...; si cualquier miembro del público ...; she's a member of our church es una feligresa or es miembro de nuestra iglesia
they face opposition from other Security Council members he tried to bribe other committee members up to four members of your party can holiday absolutely free with this special offer the support of our members is of great importance to the association she's a member of Greenpeace/of the American Academy of Sciences the Labour Party claims to have 400,000 members he's not a member of the union the Conservative member for Billericay he was elected to Parliament as the member for Leeds
member of Congress (US) miembro (m) del Congreso
he is going to be meeting with members of Congress from both parties
member of the crewcrew member tripulante (m)
four crew members and three passengers were killed a member of the crew will demonstrate the safety procedures
a member of the familya family member un miembro de la familia
they treated her like a member of the family distribute chores evenly among all family members she got a lot of support from friends and family members
full member miembro (m) de pleno derecho
Britain is a full member of NATO
Member of Parliament (Britain) diputadoadiputada (m) (f);a diputada parlamentarioaparlamentaria (m) (f);a parlamentaria
she became a Member of Parliament in 1978
Member of the European Parliament diputadoadiputada (m) (f) del Parlamento Europeo;a diputada eurodiputadoaeurodiputada (m) (f);a eurodiputada
a member of the public un ciudadano/una ciudadana
the library is open to members of the public la biblioteca está abierta al público
it was closed after complaints from members of the public their lack of training could put members of the public at risk
member of staff [of firm] empleadoaempleada (m) (f);a empleada (Univ) (Educ) miembro (m) del profesorado
he refused to name the members of staff involved a new member of staff is starting tomorrow we have a member of staff who spends her whole time dealing with queries every member of staff, from shopfloor workers to executive directors members of staff cannot supervise children outside school hours the Brigade Commander and all but two members of his Staff
note See culture box in entry by-election.
2 (Anat) (Bot) (Mat) miembro (m)
a sunflower, or a similar member of the daisy family
member country (n) país (m) miembro
the member countries of the European Free Trade Association
member state (n) estado (m) miembro
its use is prohibited in all the EEC member states the largest member state most often gets its way
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