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The plural of “medium” for senses 3) - 8) is "media" or "mediums." The plural of "medium" for sense 9) is "mediums."
1. (intermediate) 
a. mediano 
I wear a size medium in shirts.Visto tamaño mediano en camisas.
b. medio 
I have a medium height dog.Tengo un perro de altura media.
2. (culinary) 
a. a punto 
A medium sirloin steak is a little tough.Un solomillo a punto es un poco duro.
b. a término medio (Mexico) 
I want my beef medium.Quiero mi ternera a término medio.
3. (means) 
a. el medio (M) 
She expresses her thoughts through the medium of poetry.Expresa sus pensamientos usando el medio de la poesía.
4. (art) 
a. el medio (M) 
The artist's favorite medium is charcoal.El medio favorito del artista es el carboncillo.
5. (environment) 
a. el medio (M) 
These animals live in a liquid medium.Estos animales viven en un medio líquido.
6. (for growing a culture) 
Any liquid at room temperature is a perfect medium for growing bacteria.Cualquier líquido a temperatura ambiente es un caldo de cultivo perfecto para las bacterias.
7. (for preserving specimens) 
Put the tissue sample in the medium and tightly close the lid of the container.Pon la muestra de tejido en la sustancia para conservar y cierra herméticamente la tapa del recipiente.
8. (solvent) 
Add more pigment to the medium and give it a good stir.Añade más pigmento al diluyente y mézclalo bien.
9. (profession) 
The medium goes into a trance to communicate with the spirits.El médium entra en trance para comunicarse con los espíritus.
10. (clothing size) 
I'm surprised your brother wears a medium; he's so tall.Me sorprende que tu hermano es talla mediana; es muy alto.
1. (means of expression, communication) 
a. el medio (M) 
through the medium of the pressa través de la prensa
2. (art) 
a. no direct translation 
mixed mediatécnica mixta
3. (in spiritualism) 
a. el médium (M)la médium (F) 
4. (general) 
a. medio(a) 
of medium heightde estatura mediana
in the medium terma medio plazo
medium drysemiseco(a)
5. (culinary) 
a. no direct translation 
medium rarepoco hecho(a)
6. (radiology) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
medium waveonda media
medium [ˈmiːdɪəm]
1 (not small or large) [+object] mediano; [+length, size] mediano; medio
available in small, medium and large disponible en talla pequeña, mediana y grande; of medium build de constitución mediana or media; cook over a medium heat cocinar a fuego medio; of medium height de estatura regular
of medium difficulty
2 (Cookery)
a medium steak un filete no muy hecho
how would you like your steak: rare, medium or well done?
1 media mediums (means of communication) medio (m)
the advertising media los medios publicitarios or de publicidad; through the medium of television/the press por medio de la televisión/la prensa; a través de la televisión/la prensa
(intervening substance) medio (m); (environment) medio ambiente (m)
air is a medium for sound el aire es un medio de transmisión del sonido
(for growing culture) caldo (m) de cultivo; (for preserving specimens) sustancia usada para conservar muestras de laboratorio; (solvent) diluyente (m); (Art) (technique, materials used) medio (m)
there are certain restrictions imposed by the use of black and white line drawing as a medium
happy medium término (m) medio
While Frank Bruno is struggling to find someone he can beat, everyone else is desperately avoiding Lennox Lewis in case he beats them. And to think that just a few months ago Lewis was in the same predicament as Bruno. There simply is no happy medium We should find a happy medium between the excessive requirements that now exist in our country and the more casual attitude of certain other nations, which permit marketing of drugs that have relatively little solid scientific foundation The powerful person again hits the happy medium by arriving as close to the actual time as possible within a ten to fifteen minute window around the exact time. No more than ten minutes early (otherwise you have not got enough to do to keep you busy # and no more than five minutes late
2 mediums (plural) (spiritualist) médium (m)
medium wave (n) (Rad) onda (f) media
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