feminine noun
1. (science) 
a. medicine 
Mi novio estudia medicina en Yale porque quiere ser cirujano.My boyfriend is studying medicine at Yale because he wants to become a surgeon.
2. (medication) 
a. medicine 
Mary dejó de tomar su medicina debido a los efectos secundarios.Mary stopped taking her medicine because of the side effects.
1. (general) 
a. medicine 
medicina alternativaalternative medicine
medicina forenseforensic medicine
medicina homeopáticahomeopathic medicine
medicina internabranch of medicine which deals with problems of the internal organs, without surgery internal medicine
medicina naturistanaturopathy, natural medicine
medicina preventivapreventive medicine
medicina socialcommunity medicine
1 (ciencia) medicine
estudia medicina en la universidad he's studying medicine at university; un estudiante de medicina a medical student
medicina de empresa industrial medicine
medicina forense forensic medicine
medicina general general medicine; general practice
medicina homeopática homeopathic medicine
medicina interna internal medicine
medicina legal forensic medicine; legal medicine
medicina natural natural medicine
es importante el incorporar a la psicología métodos basados en la medicina natural (herbología)
medicina preventiva preventive medicine
2 (medicamento) medicine
¿te has tomado ya la medicina? have you taken your medicine yet?
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