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1. reconocimiento (m) or examen (m) (m) édico (physical examination)
  • to pass/fail a medical -> pasar/no pasar un reconocimiento médico
2. médico(a) (record, treatment, profession); de medicina (book, student)
  • medical advice -> consejo (m) (m) édico
  • medical examination -> examen (m) (m) édico, reconocimiento (m) (m) édico
  • medical insurance -> seguro (m) (m) édico or de enfermedad
  • medical practitioner -> facultativo(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) , médico(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)

medical [me-di-kal]
1. Médico, medical, que pertenece a la medicina; de medicina.
2. Medicinal, que tiene propiedades curativa
  • Medical school -> escuela de medicina
  • Medical services -> servicios médicos
  • Medical transplant -> injerto, transplante de órganos en medicina

medical [ˈmedɪkəl]
[+care, facilities, staff, treatment] médico; [+records] médico; clínico; [+student] de medicina; [+problems] de salud
to seek medical advice consultar a un médico
he is in urgent need of medical attention necesita atención médica urgente
the medical [authorities]
she suffered from a rare medical condition sufría una enfermedad rara or poco frecuente
on medical grounds por razones de salud
the medical history of a patient el historial médico or clínico de un paciente; la historia clínica de un paciente
it made medical history pasó a la historia de la medicina
medical [knowledge] has increased vastly over the last twenty years
medical opinion is divided on the subject la opinión médica está dividida con respecto a este tema
the medical profession la profesión médica
to carry out medical [research] to undergo medical [treatment]
reconocimiento (m) médico; revisión (f) médica; examen (m) médico
to have a medical someterse a un reconocimiento médico or a un examen médico or a una revisión médica
medical board (n) (Mil) consejo (m) de médicos
medical certificate (n) certificado (m) médico
medical examination (n) reconocimiento (m) médico; revisión (f) médica; examen (m) médico
medical examiner (n) (US) médicoamédica (m) (f) forense;a médica
medical insurance (n) seguro (m) médico
medical officer (n) médicoamédica (m) (f);a médica (Mil) oficial (m) médicoamédica;a médica [of town] jefe (m) de sanidad municipal
medical practice (n) (practice of medicine) práctica (f) de la medicina
they have yet to develop guidelines for medical practice he is dedicated to his patients and to medical practice it's a problem faced by doctors in all areas of medical practice
(place) consultorio (m) médico
medical practitioner (n) médicoamédica (m) (f);a médica
medical school (n) facultad (f) de medicina
medical science (n) medicina (f); ciencia (f) médica

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