1. (via) 
Pudimos sacar el gato del pozo mediante un cubo y una cuerda.We were able to remove the cat from the well by means of a bucket and a rope.
b. with 
Me gustaría pagar mediante efectivo por favor.I would like to pay with cash please.
c. through 
Me comunico mediante la internet con mis amigos en el extranjero.I communicate through the internet with my friends abroad.
1. (general) 
a. by means of 
lo levantaron mediante una poleait was lifted by means of a pulley system
las obras se adjudicarán mediante concurso públicothe contract for the work will be put out to tender
puede aplazar la compra mediante 12 pagos mensualesyou can spread the purchase over 12 monthly payments
1 (por medio de) by means of
izan las cajas mediante una polea the crates are lifted by means of a pulley; se comunicaban mediante mensajes en clave they communicated by means of coded messages; se comunican mediante gestos they communicate through signs; lograron abrir la puerta mediante una palanca they managed to open the door with a metal bar; vigilaban el edificio mediante cámaras ocultas hidden cameras were used to keep a watch on the building; un diseño mediante ordenador a computer-generated design
Dios mediante God willing; volveré, Dios mediante, el lunes I'll be back on Monday, God willing
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