Mediante in English | Spanish to English Translation and Dictionary
1. by means of
  • lo levantaron mediante una polea it was lifted by means of a pulley system
  • las obras se adjudicarán mediante concurso público the contract for the work will be put out to tender
  • puede aplazar la compra mediante 12 pagos mensuales you can spread the purchase over 12 monthly payments
1 (por medio de) by means of
izan las cajas mediante una polea the crates are lifted by means of a pulley; se comunicaban mediante mensajes en clave they communicated by means of coded messages; se comunican mediante gestos they communicate through signs; lograron abrir la puerta mediante una palanca they managed to open the door with a metal bar; vigilaban el edificio mediante cámaras ocultas hidden cameras were used to keep a watch on the building; un diseño mediante ordenador a computer-generated design
Dios mediante God willing; volveré, Dios mediante, el lunes I'll be back on Monday, God willing
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