masculine noun
1. (cigarette) lighter (peninsular Spanish)

mechero [may-chay’-ro]
1. Tube for the wick of a lamp; socket of a candle sticks. (m)
2. Cigarette lighter (encendedor); burner (cocina). (m)
  • Mechero piloto -> pilot light
  • Mechero de gas -> gas burner

1 (encendedor) cigarette lighter; (estufa) burner; (And) (S. Cone) (candil) oil lamp
mechero Bunsen Bunsen burner
mechero de gas gas burner
mechero encendedor mechero piloto pilot light
2 (Centroamérica) (México) [de pelo] mop of hair
3 (pene) prick (vulgar)
mecheroa mechera
1 (ladrón) shoplifter
2 (Caribe) (bromista) joker

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