feminine noun
1. wick (de vela); fuse (de explosivos)
  • a toda mecha (informal) -> flat out
  • aguantar mecha (informal) -> to grin and bear it
2. streak (de pelo)

mecha [may’-chah]
1. Wick, for candles, tapers, and torches. (f)
2. Roll of lint put into a sore. (f)
3. Match, match-cord, for firing ordnance. (f)
4. Bacon, with which fowls and meat are larded. (f)
5. A lock of hair; a bundle of threads or fibers. (f)
6. Joke (broma). (Caribbean) (f)
7. Fear (miedo). (Mexico) (f)
8. Shoplifting. (f)
  • Alargar la mecha -> to augment a salary; to protract a business: to allow a debtor time to discharge a debt
  • A toda mecha -> at full speed

1 [de vela, lámpara] wick; [de explosivo] fuse
encender la mecha to light the fuse
Conlon trajo la carga explosiva y Jim Sheridan encendió la mecha Sus palabras encendieron la mecha de un nuevo sentimiento anti japonés
aguantar mecha to grin and bear it
tener mucha mecha para algo to be very good at sth; have a knack for sth
a toda mecha at full speed
mecha lenta slow fuse
mecha tardía time fuse
2 [de pelo]
3 mechas (en el pelo) highlights
4 [de tocino] rasher
5 (And) (S. Cone) (Técnica) bit of brace; (of brace)
6 (And) (Caribe) (broma) joke
7 (Latinoamérica) (miedo) fear
8 (ratería) shoplifting
9 (And) (baratija) trinket

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