1. (in the meantime) 
Alicia said she's on her way. Meanwhile, we can wrap her birthday present. Alicia dijo que viene en camino. Mientras tanto, podemos envolver su regalo de cumpleaños.
Roger is still getting ready to leave. Meanwhile, let's watch TV.Roger se está preparando para salir. Entretanto, vamos a ver la tele.
2. (at the same time) 
It's snowing in Siberia. Meanwhile, in Brazil it's really hot. Está nevando en Siberia. Mientras tanto, en Brasil hace mucho calor.
meanwhile [ˈmiːnˈwaɪl]
entretanto; mientras tanto
meanwhile, the shop will be open as usual
in the meanwhile entretanto; mientras tanto
in the meanwhile we will try to sell the house
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in the meanwhile
entre tanto
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