1. (eating time) 
a. la comida (F) 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.El desayuno es la comida más importante del día.
2. (serving of food) 
a. el plato (M) 
We offer light meals, such as soups or salads.Ofrecemos platos ligeros, como sopas o ensaladas.
3. (culinary) 
a. la harina (F) (of oats or corn) 
Add meal to thicken the sauce.Añade harina para espesar la salsa.
1. (flour) 
a. la harina (F) 
meal [miːl]
comida (f)
to go for a meal ir a comer fuera; to have a (good) meal comer (bien); I don't eat between meals no como entre horas; meals on wheels servicio (m) de comidas a domicilio para ancianos; (para ancianos)
to make a meal of sth (dramatize) exagerar algo; (make the most of) sacar todo el jugo posible a algo; (take time over) tardar lo suyo en hacer algo
meal ticket (n) vale (m) de comida
she's more interested in finding a meal ticket than someone she really loves
she's just looking for a meal ticket solo busca a alguien que la mantenga
he thought the training would provide him with a meal ticket
meal [miːl]
(flour) harina (f)
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