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me gusta

me gusta
1. (it's to my taste) 
a. I like it 
Este es el vestido que me compré ayer. - Me gusta, te queda muy bien.This is the dress I bought yesterday. - I like it. It really suits you.
b. I like 
Me gusta esta ciudad. Es grande e íntima a la vez.I like this city. It's both big and cosy.
2. (I'm attracted to him or her) 
¿Por qué lo miras así? - Es que me gusta.Why are you looking at him like that? - Because I like him.
Me gusta, es guapa, inteligente y simpática.I like her. She's beautiful, clever, and nice.
c. I like 
Me gusta tu hermano, pero no se lo digas, por favor.I like your brother, but don't tell him, please.
3. (formal) (I'm attracted to you; singular) 
Usted sabe que me gusta, ¿verdad? Hace tiempo que no me sentía tan atraído por nadie.You know I like you, don't you? It's been al long time since I felt so attracted to anyone.
4. (I enjoy) 
a. I like 
Me gusta mucho pasear por la playa en invierno.I very much like to go for a walk on the beach in winter.
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