me gusta comer

me gusta comer
1. (I like ingesting food) 
Me gusta comer. Pienso que es uno de los grandes placeres de la vida.I like eating. I think it's one of the great pleasures in life.
Me gusta comer ensaladas en verano.I like to eat salads in the summer.
2. (I like eating lunch or for lunch) (Mexico) (Spain) 
Me gusta comer en buenos restaurantes y cenar en casa.I like having lunch in good restaurants and dinner at home.
Me gusta comer algo ligero y cenar temprano.I like to have something light for lunch and have an early dinner.
3. (I like eating dinner or for dinner) (Latin America) 
Me gusta comer temprano.I like having dinner early
Me gusta cenar pescado siempre que puedo.I like to have fish for dinner every time I can.
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