feminine noun
1. (botany) 
a. ear 
Los granjeros secaron las mazorcas de trigo y centeno.The farmers dried the ears of wheat and rye.
2. (central core of an ear of corn) 
a. cob (with or without kernels) 
Separa los granos de la mazorca con un cuchillo afilado.Remove the kernels from the cob with a sharp knife.
b. corncob (with or without kernels) (United States) 
Los cerdos devoraron las mazorcas que les tiró el granjero.The pigs devoured the corncobs the farmer threw to them.
c. ear of corn (with kernels) (United States) 
Hierve las mazorcas por cinco minutos.Cook the ears of corn in boiling water for five minutes.
d. ear of maize (with kernels) (United Kingdom) 
Ensarté la mazorca en un palo y la tosté sobre la fogata.I put the ear of maize on a stick and toasted it over the campfire.
3. (technical) (sewing) 
a. cop (technical) 
Hay que sacar la mazorca del huso ya.It's time to take the cop off the spindle.
proper noun
4. (politics) (Argentina) 
La Mazorca usaba el terror para intimidar a los que se oponían a Rosas.The Mazorca used fear to intimidate those who opposed Rosas.
1. (general) 
a. cob 
mazorca de maízcorncob ear of maize
1 [de maíz] cob; ear
mazorca de maíz corncob
2 (Técnica) spindle
3 (S. Cone) (gobierno) despotic government; (banda) political gang
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