Matrimonio in English | Spanish to English Translation
masculine noun
1. marriage (boda)
  • contraer matrimonio to get married
  • matrimonio civil civil marriage
  • matrimonio de conveniencia marriage of convenience
2. married couple (pareja)
1 (institución) marriage; matrimony (formal)
contraer matrimonio (con algn) to marry (sb); tras 26 años de matrimonio after 26 years of marriage; hacer vida de matrimonio to live together as man and wife; hacer uso del matrimonio to make love
matrimonio abierto open marriage
matrimonio canónico canonical marriage
matrimonio civil civil marriage
matrimonio clandestino secret marriage
matrimonio consensual common-law marriage
matrimonio de conveniencia matrimonio de interés marriage of convenience
matrimonio por la iglesia
matrimonio religioso church wedding
2 (pareja) (married) couple
el matrimonio García the Garcías; Mr and Mrs García; cama de matrimonio double bed
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