masculine noun
1. (culinary) (Bolivia) (Paraguay) (River Plate) 
En el restaurante argentina, probé un matambre riquísimo.In the Argentinian restaurant, I tried some really tasty stuffed rolled beef.
La abuela de Pedro compró el relleno para preparar unos matambres.Pedro's grandmother bought the stuffing to prepare some meat roulades.
2. (meat cut) (Bolivia) (River Plate) 
El carnicero explicó a sus aprendices cómo cortar el matambre del cuerpo de la vaca.The butcher explained to his trainees how to cut flank steaks from the body of the cow.
1. (general) 
a. flank steak rolled with boiled egg, olives and red pepper, which is cooked, then sliced and served cold () 
(S. Cone) stuffed rolled beef
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