"matado" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to kill (quitar la vida a)
  • lo mataron a puñaladas -> he was stabbed to death
  • si se entera me mata (informal figurative) -> she'll kill me if she finds out
  • ¡me vas a matar a disgustos! -> you'll be the death of me!
  • estar o llevarse a matar (con alguien) -> to be at daggers drawn (with somebody)
  • matarlas callando (informal) -> to be up to something on the quiet
2. to slaughter (animal) (para consumo)
3. to tone down (apagar) (color) ; to slake, to quench (sed) ; to stave off (hambre) ; to put out (fuego)
4. to round (off) (redondear, limar)
pronomial verb
1. to die (morir)
  • se mató en un accidente de coche -> he was killed in a car accident
2. to kill oneself (suicidarse)
3. (esforzarse)
  • matarse trabajando, ->
  • matarse a trabajar -> to work oneself to death (peninsular Spanish)
  • matarse por hacer algo -> to kill oneself in order to do something

matar [mah-tar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To kill, to put to death (persona); to make away with; to execute.
2. To murder, to assassinate.
3. To put out a light, to extinguish the fire.
4. To slake lime.
5. To worry, to vex, to molest (fastidiar).
6. To make a horse’s back sore by the rubbing of the harness.
  • Matar de un golpe -> to knock on the head
  • Matar de hambre -> to famish, to starve, to kill with hunger
  • A mata caballo -> in the utmost hurry
verb neuter
7. To kill. (n)
8. To mate (ajedrez). (n)
verb reflexive
9. To commit suicide (suicidarse).
10. To make the utmost exertions to obtain a thing.
  • Matarse por -> to struggle to
11. To be extremely concerned at a failure or disappointment.
  • Mátalas callando -> (coll.) by crafty silence, or underhand means, he obtains his end

1 [+persona] to kill; [+reses, ganado] to kill; slaughter
la mató en un ataque de celos he killed her in a fit of jealousy; el jefe me va a matar the boss will kill me; matar a algn a golpes to beat sb to death
la mató de un cuchillazo / a cuchillazos
matar a algn a disgustos to make sb's life a misery; así me maten for the life of me; que me maten si ... I'll be damned if ...
matarlas callando to go about things slyly
entre todos la mataron (y ella sola se murió) they are all to blame
2 [+tiempo, pelota] to kill; [+sed] to quench; [+sello] to postmark; cancel; [+pieza] (en ajedrez) to take; [+cal] to slake; [+ángulo, borde] to file down; [+color] to dull
cómete una manzana para matar el hambre have an apple to keep you going
3 (molestar)
los zapatos me están matando these shoes are killing me (familiar); me mata tener que trabajar en sábado it's a pain having to work on a Saturday (familiar)
4 (sorprender)
¿se van a casar? ¡me has matado! they're getting married? you're kidding! (familiar)
to kill
no matarás (Religión) thou shalt not kill; entrar a matar (Taur) to go in for the kill
estar o llevarse a matar con algn to be at daggers drawn with sb
1 (suicidarse) to kill o.s.
se mató de un tiro he shot himself
2 (morir) to be killed; get killed
se mataron en un accidente de aviación they were killed in a plane crash
3 (esforzarse) to kill o.s.
convendría revisar estas facturas, pero no te mates these invoices need checking but don't kill yourself; matarse trabajando o a trabajar to kill o.s. with work; se mata para mantener a su familia he has to work like crazy to keep his family; se mata por sacar buenas notas he goes all out to get good marks

Verb Conjugations for "matar" (go to to kill)


yo mato maté mataba mataría mataré
matas mataste matabas matarías matarás
él/ella/Ud. mata mató mataba mataría matará
nosotros matamos matamos matábamos mataríamos mataremos
vosotros matáis matasteis matabais mataríais mataréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. matan mataron mataban matarían matarán
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