mart [mart]
1. Emporio, lugar donde concurren para comerciar gentes de diversas naciones; mercado público.
2. Tráfico, compra y venta. (Desusado)

mart [mɑːt]
especially (US) (trade centre) emporio (m); (market) mercado (m); (auction room) martillo (m); (property mart) (in newspaper) bolsa (f) de la propiedad;

masculine noun invariable
1. Tuesday ver también sábado
  • martes de Carnaval -> Shrove Tuesday
  • martes y trece ? -> Tuesday the 13th;

martes [mar’-tes]
1. Tuesday. (m)
  • Martes de carnaval -> Shrove Tuesday
  • El martes pasado -> last Tuesday, El martes que viene, next Tuesday
  • Vendra' el martes -> he will come on Tuesday

martes y trece Friday 13th
martes de carnaval martes de carnestolendas Shrove Tuesday
note See culture box in entry carnaval.
According to Spanish superstition Tuesday is an unlucky day, even more so if it falls on the 13th of the month. As the proverb goes, "En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques". In many Latin American countries it is Friday 13th that is considered unlucky.

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