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1. (general)
a. casado
He's married to a famous singer.Él está casado con una cantante famosa.
She's married to a soccer player.Ella está casada con un futbolista.
1. casado(a) =
  • to be married estar or ser casado(a) (Am)
  • to get married casarse
  • a married couple un matrimonio
  • married life vida (f) matrimonial
  • married name apellido (m) de casada
  • married quarters (militar) residencia para oficiales casados y sus familias
married [ˈmærɪd]
[+person] casado; [+love] conyugal
married man (hombre (m)) casado (m); married woman (mujer (f)) casada (f); married couple matrimonio (m); married life vida (f) matrimonial; the married state el estado matrimonial; twice-married casado por segunda vez or en segundas nupcias
He was over thirty, twice married, childless
just married recién casados
married name (n) nombre (m) de casada
married quarters (n) (Mil) casa (f) cuartel; residencia (f) para matrimonios
bereaved wives were ordered out of army married quarters within six weeks of being widowed
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