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1. examinador(ora) (m,f) corrector(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de exámenes (of essay, exam)
  • he's a hard marker es muy severo al corregir
  • marker (pen) rotulador (m) , marcador (m) (español de Colombia), plumón (m) (español de México)
2. señal (f) (indicator)
marker [ˈmɑːkəʳ]
1 (indicator) also (Bio) marcador (m); (in field) jalón (m); (signpost) poste (m) indicador
to put down a marker dejar una señal; marcar un lugar
2 (also marker pen) rotulador (m)
3 (bookmark) marca (f); señal (f)
4 (Ftbl) (person) marcadoramarcadora (m) (f);a marcadora secante (m)
He shook off his marker and sprinted clear
5 (Educ) (person) examinadoraexaminadora (m) (f);a examinadora
The markers were criticized for being too lenient
6 (Billiards) etc marcador (m); (in other games) ficha (f)
7 (Comput) bandera (f)
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