1. marine (mf) infante (sustantivo masculino) de marina (soldier), fusilero (m) naval (Am)
  • (go) tell it to the marines! (familiar) -> ¡eso cuéntaselo a tu abuela!
2. marino(a) (life, biology)
  • marine engineering -> ingeniería (f) naval

marine [ma-rin]
1. Marino, de mar; oceánico; náutico; naval.
  • Marine engine -> máquina de vapor marina
2. Marino, soldado de marina.
3. Marina, fuerza naval; buques o bajeles en general.
4. Marina, pintura o cuadro que representa el mar.

marine [məˈriːn]
1 (Mil) (person) infante (m) de marina
the Marines (Britain) la infantería de marina; (US) los marines
he's joined the Marines
tell that to the marines! ¡a otro perro con ese hueso! (informal)
¡cuéntaselo a tu abuela! >
2 (fleet) marina (f)
the merchant or mercantile marine la marina mercante
during the war, ships from the merchant marine were used to ferry allied troops around Europe
1 (sea) [+creature, plant, pollution] marino
The practice of drift-netting, which is highly damaging to many marine creatures These are small marine plants that drift on or near the surface of the water The 11 million gallon oil spill killed vast numbers of marine birds, ...extinct marine reptiles, This will cut down on marine pollution
2 (maritime) [+law, warfare] marítimo
...a solicitor specialising in marine law a fine eighteenth-century marine painting of a frigate Hebburn wandered around the room, staring at the marine oil-paintings on the walls he was a member of the Society of Marine Artists
marine biologist (n) biólogoabióloga (m) (f) marinoamarina;a bióloga a marina
She trained as a marine biologist
marine biology (n) biología (f) marina
I really want to go to university and do a course in marine biology
Marine Corps (n) (US) Infantería (f) de Marina
marine engineer (n) ingenieroaingeniera (m) (f) naval;a ingeniera
He had trained as a marine engineer
marine engineering (n) ingeniería (f) naval expert in marine engineering
marine insurance (n) seguro (m) marítimo
Lloyd's still has a 20% share of the world market for marine insurance
marine life (n) vida (f) marina; flora y fauna (f) marina
Drift nets indiscriminately sweep up all marine life in their path
marine science (n) ciencia (f) marina
marine scientist (n) científicoacientífica (m) (f) marinoamarina;a científica a marina
Some marine scientists say pollution from fertilisers and sewage is

"marine" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to marinate

marinar [mah-re-nar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To marinate, to salt fish.
2. To man a ship taken from the enemy.

to marinate; marinade

Verb Conjugations for "marinar" (go to la marina)


yo marino mariné marinaba marinaría marinaré
marinas marinaste marinabas marinarías marinarás
él/ella/Ud. marina marinó marinaba marinaría marinará
nosotros marinamos marinamos marinábamos marinaríamos marinaremos
vosotros marináis marinasteis marinabais marinaríais marinaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. marinan marinaron marinaban marinarían marinarán
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