"marchar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to walk (andar)
2. to leave, to go (partir)
3. to work (funcionar)
  • hay algo aquí que no marchar -> something's not quite right here
4. to progress (desarrollarse)
  • el negocio marcha -> business is going well
  • ¡marchando! -> coming up! (en bar)
  • ¡marchando dos cafés con leche! -> two white coffees, coming up!
pronomial verb
1. to leave, to go
  • se marchó de aquí cuando era muy pequeño -> he left here when he was very young

marchar [mar-char’]
verb neuter & verb reflexive
1. To go, to go away, to go off, to depart from a place, to move (viajar). (n)
2. To march, to walk gravely. (n)
3. To march, in military form. (Military) (n)
4. To have much headway, to sail fast. (Nautical) (n)
5. (Mec.) To go; to run, to function, to work; to run (tren). (n)
  • El motor no marcha -> the engine isn't working
6. To go, to proceed. (n)
  • Todo marcha bien -> Everything is going well
7. To go away, to leave. (n)
  • Marcharse a otro sitio -> to go somewhere else

1 (ir) to go; (andar) to walk
marcharon a pie they went on foot; marcharon hacia el pueblo they walked towards the village
2 (Mil) to march
¡marchando, que llegamos tarde! get a move on, we'll be late!; —¡un café! —¡marchando! "a coffee, please" — "right away, sir!"
4 [+mecanismo] to work
mi reloj no marcha my watch isn't working; el motor no marcha the engine isn't working; the engine won't work; el motor marcha mal the engine isn't running properly; marchar en vacío to idle
5 (desarrollarse) to go
todo marcha bien everything is going well; el proyecto marcha the plan is working (out); el negocio no marcha the business is getting nowhere; ¿cómo marcha eso o marchan las cosas? especialmente (Latinoamérica) how's it going?; how are things?
6 (Caribe) (S. Cone) [+caballo] to trot
7 (México) to do military service
marcharse to go (away); leave
¿os marcháis? are you leaving?; con permiso, me marcho if you don't mind I must go; es tarde, me marcho a casa it's late, I'm going home; me marché de casa a los veinte años I left home when I was twenty; ¿cuándo te marchas de vacaciones? when are you going on holiday?; se marchó de la capital he left the capital; marcharse a otro sitio to go somewhere else

Verb Conjugations for "marchar" (go to to go; to walk, to march; to work)


yo marcho marché marchaba marcharía marcharé
marchas marchaste marchabas marcharías marcharás
él/ella/Ud. marcha marchó marchaba marcharía marchará
nosotros marchamos marchamos marchábamos marcharíamos marcharemos
vosotros marcháis marchasteis marchabais marcharíais marcharéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. marchan marcharon marchaban marcharían marcharán
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