1. (numerous) 
a. muchos 
There were many cakes to choose from.Había muchas tortas para elegir.
2. (numerous) 
a. muchos 
Many died in the earthquake.Murieron muchos en el terremoto.
1. (general) 
a. muchos(as) 
many peoplemucha gente
many timesmuchas veces
there weren't many housesno había muchas casas, había pocas casas
in many waysde muchas maneras
not in so many wordsno exactamente
so manytantos(as)
so many peopletanta gente
too manydemasiados(as)
too many peopledemasiada gente
how many times?¿cuántas veces?
I have as many books as youtengo tantos libros como tú
many's the time I've done thatlo he hecho muchas veces
2. (prov) 
many hands make light workcuanta más gente, más llevadero es el trabajo
3. (general) 
a. muchos(as) 
many of usmuchos de nosotros
not (very) manyno muchos(as)
how many?¿cuántos(as)?
as many as you liketodos los que quieras
too manydemasiados(as)
one of the many I have knownuno de los muchos que he conocido
4. (colloquial) 
to have had one too manyllevar una copa de más, haber bebido or
many [ˈmenɪ]
many people mucha gente; muchas personas; in many cases en muchos casos
a good or a great many houses muchas or bastantes casas; (LAm)
[how] many children do you have?
however many books you have por muchos libros que tengas
However many books you've read, you won't have read one like this
not many people poca gente
so many tantos/as
so many flies tantas moscas; ever so many people la mar de gente; tantísimas personas
many a time I've seen him actmany's the time I've seen him act muchas veces lo he visto actuar
too many demasiados/as
too many difficulties demasiadas dificultades
many of them came muchos (de ellos) vinieron
he has as many as I have tiene tantos como yo
he has three times as many as I have tiene tres veces más que yo; there were as many as 100 at the meeting asistieron a la reunión hasta cien personas; as many again otros tantos; and as many more y otros tantos
how many are there? ¿cuántos hay?
how many there are! ¡cuántos hay!
however many you have por muchos que tengas
not many pocos
not many came vinieron pocos
the many la mayoría
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muchas veces 
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