masculine noun
1. cloak (capa); mantle, layer (figurative)
2. mantle (geology)

manto [mahn’-to]
1. Silken veil for ladies, a mantle, a kirtle. (m)
2. Cloak (capa), robe; a mantle of state. (m)
3. Mantelpiece of a chimney. (m)
4. In mines, a horizontal vein. (m)
5. Veil, cover. (m)

1 (capa) (para abrigarse) cloak; (Religión) (Jur) robe; gown;
2 (Zoología) mantle
3 (velo)
cuando la noche tiende su manto when the world is cloaked in darkness; un manto de nieve cubría la colina a blanket of snow covered the hill
4 (Minería) layer; stratum
5 (also manto de chimenea) mantel

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