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feminine noun
1. (grease)
a. lard
Esta receta pide dos tazas de manteca.This recipe calls for two cups of lard.
b. butter
Me gustaría desayunar tostadas con manteca.I would like to have butter on my toasts for breakfast.
feminine noun
1. fat (grasa) (peninsular Spanish); butter (mantequilla) (RP, Venezuelan Spanish)
  • manteca de cacao cocoa butter
  • manteca de cerdo lard
1 (grasa) fat; animal fat
manteca de cerdo lard
2 especialmente (S. Cone) (mantequilla) butter
manteca de cacahuete peanut butter
manteca de cacao cocoa butter
manteca de vaca butter
manteca vegetal vegetable fat
3 (dinero) dough (muy_familiar); dosh (muy_familiar); (géneros) goods
; (p)
4 (Latinoamérica) (marihuana) pot (familiar); grass (familiar)
5 (And) (criada) servant girl
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